Thursday, April 25, 2013


Several months ago I deleted my personal blog.  There were several reasons why.

One I wanted to focus more on this crafting blog.
Two my life really isn't all that interesting.
Three I'm trying to limit the amount of personal information out in Internet land.
Four There's only so many social media sites you can keep up.
Five I don't think I'm that great of a writer

But I digress...
I miss rambling on about the stresses in my life.

Hence the return of the blog!

The next few months is gonna be a little crazy, we are in the process of moving from Louisiana to California.  I have had to really cut back on the number of projects I have going :-( as well as the amount of supplies I have.  I am posting my last new project this week then my posts will shift towards cleaning and packing tips for quite some time.

One of the hard things about this transition is that crafting is my main form of stress relief, so now instead of painting I am job searching and sending out resumes.  Waiting for calls, returning calls, and planning our move.

I miss painting :-(

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