Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chicken Wire Pumpkin

I have a lot of chicken wire left over after making show displays, so  I googled chicken wire crafts and wouldn't yah know pumpkins popped right up.  I was a little skeptical at first but I gave it a try.

This was the result
I think it came out pretty cute, I might even make some more!

Once I start a google search I end up more ideas then I know what to do with.  So keeping with my pumpkin theme here is a little coffee filter pumpkin! 
I know G won't be please when I tell him I've added coffee filters to the list of things not to throw out, but oh well, they are too cute, I have to make more!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Count Down Time

This Saturday is my first craft fair.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing.  As of Saturday I have completed all the projects that I wanted to have ready.  There are close to 200 items! Yesterday and today G and I created these displays.  
Everything is tagged, boxed, and ready to go, and it's only Monday!

This week is also Halloween, which means any of my Halloween projects that have not sold will have to come out of the store and be replaced with fall and winter items.  I didn't go into the shop last week, I  stopped in twice the first week and once at the end of the second week, and nothing had sold.  I was really sad and decided maybe skipping a week was the way to go.  So Thursday morning I will head over with some new fall and winter items, and cross my fingers the something Halloween found a home.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a Week!

This is the new and improved fall stack, it's a little bigger and I enlisted the help of my Cricut for the lettering.
 The Christmas stacks have also been completed, here's 2 of the 4 options in colors

 And here is my tribute Louisiana

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making Progress

I made progress on the great stool refinishing project today.  Adding a dark base coat helped some, but the shade of red is still pinker then I would have liked.  Looking at it in the bright sun doesn't help.  Once inside though the color looks great! I guess it really just depends on someone coming along that likes maroon.

Also G cut a bunch of wood blocks for me tonight after work so I have lots to do now!

We are going out of town for the weekend so if I get a lot done tomorrow I can really enjoy this weekend :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Exciting News

I have sold my first ornament!
This little guy has found a home :-)

New Today

Tall Santa Gourd
 Round Santa Gourd
 Santa Mini Gourd Ornaments
 Rustic Tree Ornament
 3 Star Stack Ornament
 Joy Sign
 Fall Can Lanterns
 Red White and Blue Necklace 


I subscribe to a fair amount of blogs, and I seem to add more everyday, mostly through cool ideas I see on Pinterest.  And every day as I read through the updates I see all these cool projects created by super talented women out there in blogger land.  Sometimes I try and make things for my own house and most of the time I end up scratching my head in frustration.  Since I have managed to make more mistakes then I ever thought possible I decided my blog would not only showcase everything I do right, but also some of the things that go wrong.  I figure everyone has to start somewhere and I am currently at the very beginning, and if anyone out there can learn from my mistakes, well then maybe some of these mistakes weren't so bad after all.

Oops #1 Homemade Mod Podge
I love Mod Podge, it's glue and finish all in one and with a nice brush you don't see brush strokes like the projects I made in Elementary school.  Well it's expensive,  so I tried the recipe on Pinterest 50/50 water and Elmer's glue. I even measured them parts out.  Well I tried it and the scrapbook paper I was ad hearing to pieces of wood bubbled up on me.  I was super excited about this project too!  Has anyone ever had this issue.  Did I just put it on too think, not give the paper enough time to dry between coats, apply too many coats? In the end I just went with it decided the bubbles give the fall themed paper texture and I  hung the wreath on the wall anyway.  On my next project I used the real stuff and it came out just fine.  Although I'm confused about where I went wrong with glue mix.

Oops #2 Spray Paint with Primer
I am currently working on repainting an old stool.  It's one of those generic white ones with a wooden seat.  I sanded it down enough to get the nicks out and then decided spray paint would be the fastest way to refinish wood.  So I went and got some burgundy spray paint perfect for the picture I had drawn out, it was deep dark burgundy and I was excited to come home and try it.  Now I am applying it to a very light wood with some white left on it so I get the expensive paint with a primer built in so I don't buy a base color.  I set all parts out on news paper and start spaying.  It come out hot pink! Not even red, HOT PINK! Not at all what I was going for.  Now I know the more coats you add the darker it gets but after three and no change I decided to save the can get a dark base coat then start over.  Should I have known better? yes, did I fall for marketing? yes, have I learned my lesson? yes

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Sara :-)  I have been crafting for years but on a pretty small scale, mostly making gifts for friends and family for Christmas, birthdays, house warning's, things of that nature.

Recently however I have moved from California to Louisiana because my husband "G" is in the military.  The job market here is pretty slim, and even though I am still hoping something comes along i have decided a good alternative is taking my crafting up a notch and selling in a local craft boutique, and participating in an upcoming craft fair.

This is all pretty new and scary for me, especially with the financial investment up front and not knowing if anyone will like my work.  Then there is this crazy though of how do I make enough product if people do indeed like my work.  Making the decision was a big one for me but I'm hoping I made the right choice and my investment will pay off.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


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