Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Sara :-)  I have been crafting for years but on a pretty small scale, mostly making gifts for friends and family for Christmas, birthdays, house warning's, things of that nature.

Recently however I have moved from California to Louisiana because my husband "G" is in the military.  The job market here is pretty slim, and even though I am still hoping something comes along i have decided a good alternative is taking my crafting up a notch and selling in a local craft boutique, and participating in an upcoming craft fair.

This is all pretty new and scary for me, especially with the financial investment up front and not knowing if anyone will like my work.  Then there is this crazy though of how do I make enough product if people do indeed like my work.  Making the decision was a big one for me but I'm hoping I made the right choice and my investment will pay off.

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