Thursday, August 8, 2013

Long Time, No Blog: Post Move Check In

Hello everyone!

It's been way too long.  I have missed blogging and of course having things to blog about.  Life is starting to settle out here, or maybe I'm just adapting to the new pace of life.  I'm not sure.

The last time I posted was before our household goods were packed and moved.  That feels like forever ago, and yesterday all at the same time.

That was my first military move, and no matter how many people describe it to you, and no matter how many blogs you read there is just no way to prepare for the craziness.

I was at work when everything was packed, that may or may not have been a good thing. Even if I was home I could not have controlled how things were packed, but at the same time when they packed my delicate hand made guitar shelf I could have said hey that's fragile!  Even so not many things were broken and most that were I was able to repair.  I still wonder if they would have packed some of craft paints and candles.  They packed things with batteries in them and I was told they wouldn't do that.

Getting to California wasn't bad.  We have made the trip so many times now we just hit the road, took our time, and arrived 4 days later.

The hard part was unpacking! It is true they will pack shoes and plates in the same box! It's really difficult when more then half of your stuff has to stay in storage. The only thing you can do is open and unpack every single box and then repack the stuff for storage.  This process didn't go as well as I would have liked, I'm still thinking of things I would like out of a box, but finding one item in a pile of boxes is just not worth it.

There are somethings we are missing, and it's all decor.  I was really upset about this because they are all hand made items that cannot be replaced.  The big M, the Louisiana flag mirror, photos left in frames. None of it is of high monetary value, but none of it can be replaced either. I'm sure someday I will get over it, and might even try to remake some of the items, but until then I'll feel a little sad.

Now that we are in California and settled into our new house, we are realizing that it's not gonna be a good fit for us long term, it's affordable but too small and good 2/3 of our stuff is in boxes.  That means another move is in our future.  When I don't know for sure but probably sooner then I would like.  I mean really who is fan of packing and carrying heavy boxes.

I've managed to squeeze in a few projects this summer and I hope to post about those soon!

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