Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just When Things Are on A Role

There are more challenges to being a "retuning" student then I ever thought there could be, and then there is just plain reality. Five months ago when we discussed the possibility of me going back to school we didn't consider all of the possibilities. It sounds great taking classes for a year and then going to vet school in some random state somewhere, and then spending 4 years in the Army who knows where.  It sounded fun, it sounded like and adventure, it sounded so freeing and challenging, and fun, like exploring all the possibilities life has to offer.  And why not we just did fours years in Louisiana we can do anything.

Five months ago before the long drive back to California, I was surrounded with some of greatest people I have ever met. They were people just like me and you, they worked, they had families, they lived the Army life, some even lived in my neighborhood.  So what makes them so great? Why do I consider them some of the greatest people I have ever known? Because they never once judged me.  They looked at me and how I did my job and saw I was good at it.  They talked to me and asked about my family and saw I was doing the best I could.  They accepted me for who I was and saw in me what I could be.  When you are around people like that, one you never want to leave, and two you believe you really can do anything.

Being in that environment makes it really hard adjust to perpetual pessimism that most people have.  Sometime I look around and wonder were the joy has gone.  Why are people so mean.  But I digress, I have learned how to balance work and school, I've learned how to work on my health and fitness while doing both of those. And I've even taught myself chemistry! Just when I'm starting to get the hang of this....

The schools aren't offering the classes I need to take, the ones they are offering are very limited and I'm now on the way bottom of the sign up line. We're moving again, to bigger nicer house, but it's far away from work and school.  My temp job is ending soon.  Which direction do I go now?

I can't answer that right now, I'm going to have to think about this for awhile....

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