Friday, September 20, 2013

My Return to School Update

Well it's been 4 weeks, 4 very interesting weeks since I've gone back to school! It is very different this time around. First off jumping into second semester Biology and second semester Chemistry after taking 7 years off is not an easy or um smart thing to do, talk about setting yourself up for an uphill battle.  And I'll be honest here, I'm not sure I can do this, I'm not sure I will pass my chem class this semester. It really is true, if you don't use it, you lose it. In order to devote more time to school I have drastically cut back my hours at work, which is helping a lot. I have also started going to office hours and tutoring. So I'm taking all the right steps to getting through this. At home I read, study, and do my homework according to the teacher recommendations, even learning new tricks to studying as I go.

As for being a student again at 32 well that is interesting.  Since most of the classes I need are lower division classes I am taking them at the local community college.  So I am definitely not the only returning student there.  Hey even my husband is there, sometimes we even "hang out" between classes :-)

It is more difficult juggling life though. There is still dinner to made house to be cleaned pets to be taken care of, and thank goodness my husband does all of that or I might have gone crazy by now.  10 years ago if my friends were making plans and I said I had a big test coming up I have to study it wasn't a strange comment, now however it's a little odd, but I'm sure in a few more weeks that will once again become the norm.  I feel guilty about our financial situation, while we have enough to get by I always thought by the time I was 32 I would be able to go on vacations every year, enjoy a nice dinner out now and then, stuff like that.  I just remind my self that the difficulties of right now are for a big pay off in the future.  As for kids well we are still talking about that, I don't want to wait 8 more years to have kids so figuring out how to juggle kids and school is the next big project.

Next week and the week after are the first exams in both my classes, at that point I'll have some idea of the direction of my grades.  Until then it's back to the books!

Thanks for following along with my journey


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