Monday, September 9, 2013

Change, Change, Change

This year has been a year of change, a lot of change. and through it all I have constantly wondered "when will life be normal?" Well after some long deep thinking I have decided to make some huge changes in my life. Changes that mean there is no normal in he near future.

I have decided to got back to school! Eeekkkk! I have decided to finish my pre-reqs for vet school and give the app process a try. It's a long shot and it's gonna be a long hard road to get there. Hard enough that I haven't told very many people that I'm even giving this a shot.

The next big change is choosing a new job. I have been filling in at my old job for another employees maternaty leave. Looking back on that decision it was a huge mistake, but now that it's nearly over it's time to move forward.

So what is it like going from a 32 year old Army Wife who has a both in a local craft shop to a full time student and part time vet tech?  Well stay tuned this could be an interesting ride!

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