Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm back!

I finally figured out how to clear some memory enough so that I should be able to post photos again!  This week I am taking a break from Wilton Charm crafting and working on some projects for our family.  Since tanks and capris aren't my original ideas I'm putting the link to directions under the pictures :-)

The stockings however I made all on my own.  I'm considering adding Ash and Aspen to them, I like stockings with names on them, and initials won't work in this case :-)
I've made 2 tank tops, a t-shirt, 2 yoga capris and matching stocking for Ash Fur and Aspen!
Still to come this week a photo project of Ash and Aspen, some warm doggy clothes for Aspen, and some upcycled pant bags!

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