Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Learning & a Table

The coffee table refinish is going.  It's not going smooth, but it's going. In my last post I showed this before picture
well here it is all sanded down, it's really quite nice don't yeah think :-)
 Here is the table with some stain, when I took this pic I was so happy! I thought it was beautiful.
I later realized that this is way too much stain, it isn't supposed to be this shiny when it's just stained. 8 hours later it was still sticky :-(

So this morning I stared all over, I re-sanded the entire table top, then restrained, it is no longer sticky, no longer shiny, and quite lovely.  I then began painting the legs of the table their future black color. Tomorrow when the sun is out I take some pictures of the table top and painted legs :-)

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