Sunday, May 12, 2013

"No Poo" Week 4 Update: Transition Complete but the Experiment Continues

Four weeks in and my hair is normal! Woo hoo I am so happy to have normal hair again!!!!
I have found that the mix I need is much stronger then 1tsp to a 8oz of water, I used about 4 tbsp to 8oz of water.

On a side note, I have made some mistakes this week....
My hair started to feel a little dry at the ends.  I read somewhere that this is a common side effect and adding oil would help, how much and what kind I couldn't remember, but as I stood in the shower washing out the baking soda I saw my bottle of grape seed oil and without thinking it through I poured some on the ends of my hair about up to my shoulders.  

I don't recomend ever doing that, it took 5 days to get the oily smell and look out of my hair! What you are supposed to use is Vitamin E or coconut oil.  Grape seed oil is much to oily. I finally got it out by using a little body wash on the oily spot only hoping it wouldn't negate all the progress I had made. 

My next mistake was trying real shampoo again, after the mess with the oil I thought it might be a good idea to restart the process. Ummmmm I can't even describe what my hair felt like after using the shampoo, it was like it was coated in wax, it felt horrible it was even squeaky!  I quickly re-washed with baking soda and finished my routine.

I now have my hair mostly under control.  I need to work on the dryness, after doing some more research of course :-)

If any of you have given the "no poo" method a try I would love the hear from you!


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