Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 Resolutions Link Up

Happy 2013!
I have been thinking about New Years resolutions for several weeks now, but have yet to really organize my thoughts or write anything down.  Then I saw this awesome link up....
and I thought it was perfect opportunity to set my goals for 2013
1. Reach my goal weight (I know it's probably on every ones list)
2. Enjoy the time I can spend with my husband
3. Build an audience for this blog
4. Keep my etsy shop going year around
5. Visit Nashville before moving to California in May
6. Take a medical billing and coding certification program
7. Find temporary employment until May
8. Start my California job search before moving
9. Be prepared and organized for some of the things life throws my way, but realize that I can't control everyone or everything and learn to be OK with that.
10. Learn to spend some time living for today and a little less time worrying about the future
11. Replace commercial cleaners and beauty products with home made or natural ones
12. Before buying new, try to up cycle
13. Become a better mountain biker


  1. Happy New Year Sara! Thanks for linking up with us. Hopefully it will help you grow :) I think reaching the goal weight is on every one's list, haha. That's awesome that you want to go green with your cleaning products, I've been attempting to do that, but have failed. Let me know if you have any secrets!

  2. I always see so many DIY Pinterest things to make cleaning supplies at home but I never think to actually do them. Seems like so much work!

    Good luck on the goal weight. This is my first year that I've had that on mine! We can do it :)