Friday, January 18, 2013

My Latest Upcycle

I don't know about you all, but where I live there are tons of yard sales, and since we all know we never sell everything at a yard sale there are also tons of curb alerts.  If you haven't experienced a curb alert it's when someone puts their yard sale left over out on the side walk with a free sign.  Since I love to upcycle, naturally I love curb alerts! Some of my favorite things to get are picture frames (there are so many cute ideas for painting and decorating frames so what if it has a scratch or two I'm gonna paint it anyway), and silverware (I make Christmas ornaments out of spoons).  Well at one such curb alert I got a plastic tub.  The lid had a crack like something too heavy was dropped on it, but it was still in one piece and otherwise perfectly good.  It's pretty much the perfect dog food container. So I decided to take some scrapbook paper and mod podge and add a "decorative stripe" that also served to stabilize and seal the crack. Now it really is the perfect dog food container :-)

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