Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Crafts: Upcycled Pill Bottle

Who doesn't love a cute and useful craft you can do in 5 min or less!?!
Here's one I made today, an Upcycled Pill Bottle :-)
(I saw this project somewhere, most likely Pinterst, and I can't for the life of me find it again, so if this was your idea message me and I'll add the link)

1. Wash an empty pill bottle with soap and water (I like this white one from the drug store better then the orange ones from the pharmacy), I removed the label, but I am sure it will work just as well leaving it on there.
2. Measure the height of the bottle where you want the paper to cover, and the diameter.
3. Cut a strip of paper that size (I chose a paper I liked out of my scrap folder).
4. Mod Podge it on there.
5. Use when dry! (I am sure there are tons of little things that could be organized in cute little bottles, and the best part is it's still child proof!
I also think I will add a label of some sort once I decide what I am going to put into it :-)

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