Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finished Thursday: Body Wash

Well my soap project didn't go as well as I had hoped, it's my fault really I got to cooking away and wasn't paying attention to the directions as well as I should have.  The direction called for a gallon of water and just started with that instead of slowly adding it until I got a consistency that I liked.  My soap ended up much more watery then I would have liked even after waiting 24 hours and then blending it.  Maybe I didn't blend it long enough, but the directions didn't say how long to bend it for.  My soap is usable but I am considering blending it again, or even starting another batch but instead of adding water using this mixture for the liquid.  That may be too much soap though.  This mixture is very soapy and cleans very well.  I plan on making another batch my husband out of his favorite and when I do that I will be careful with how much water I add.

This week has been a long week, lots of hours at work, and I have been sick, none the less I have great new projects for next week!

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