Friday, February 8, 2013

Big & Rich T-shirt Upcycle

Once I had my sewing machine out  I couldn't resist doing one more t-shirt upcycle!
This is my Ft. Polk Big & Rich T-shirt, as much as I like Big & Rich it is an XL and destined to be a sleep shirt.  But since I was in my upcycle mode I decided to change that!
 This shirt is black so instead of using a pen I'm using this fabric chalk to trace the outline, these can be found at a fabric store. They last forever my mom gave me this one.
 I picked this white t-shirt for my outline I like the way it fits and its of similar thickness of fabric.
Here is my tutorial from yesterdays t-shirt upcycle (From too big to perfect)
Here is the my Big & Rich  t-shirt now :-) much better! 
I do have question for anyone out there that does t-shirt up cycles, how often do you come a cross a t-shirt (or tank top) that while it is cute, it is just horribly made?  While I was working on this shirt I found that the silk screen is really uneven, also the distance between the neck and shoulder seems were different.  I ended up taking more off one sleeve then the other to make up for it.  In the end everything worked out splendidly, but it sure throws a wrench into the works when you are working to get every thing even and it turns out it's the shirt itself throwing you off.

I would love hear your thoughts and comments.


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