Friday, February 22, 2013

What a Week

It has been a crazy and exciting week in several ways.  First I started a new job, and while I am excited to be working again and really like the place, I have had to cut way back on my crafting and gym time. I am hoping that next week I will get into a rhythm and be able to keep up on my workouts a little better.  I have also stopped producing my craft items on a large scale, and since we will be moving in May I have actually lowered the prices on a lot of my times to get them moving faster.

Which brings me to my next exciting thing for the week, I sold a whole bunch of stuff this week! 5 signs and 5 stars all in one day!  It is such a great feeling when people like my crafts enough to not only purchase them but purchase multiple items.

And that leads directly into my next exciting thing, since so many items sold this week, I ran out of items and now have people placing orders.  I am excited and more then willing to make new things for people.

Tomorrow should be a fun crafting day :-)

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