Thursday, February 7, 2013

From too Big to Perfect

Since I had the sewing machine out I wanted to try this next t-shirt up cycle. This time I want to take a shirt that is too big and make it fit correctly.  I got this pink shirt at the thrift store it is so soft and comfy but it was XXL, at first I thought I'd just wear it as is, but I looked pretty silly.  I have seen lots of t-shirt upcycles on Pinterst so I thought I'd give this a try.  I picked my favorite fitting shirt and traced it onto the pink one.

Here is the out line, the pink shirt was a few inches too big on either side.  The sleeves were too big as well and with my shirt laying on top of it it looked as though the top of shoulders needed to be trimmed.  I decided to play it safe and sew only the sides then try it on.  As it turned out it was better to trim from the bottom of the arm.  I actually made the mark as I was wearing it.  Then I took the shirt off and sewed the under sides of the arms.  Once all of the sewing was done I trimmed the excess material.
The shirt now fits great! And it's still super soft and comfy, now I can wear it and not look goofy!
As a side note, I have found that when doing these up cycles when you pic a shirt to use as a pattern, pic one that is made out of similar fabric.  The fabric of thick men's shirts stretch and fit a lot differently then thin and stretchy women's shirts.  

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